Why Every Freedom-Loving, Right-Wing, Conservative American Must Hope A Socialist Wins In Ecuador…

UPDATE: It looks like Julian Assange will be safe — the Wikileaks-friendly party seems to have won!

In a testament to the insane world we now live in, the fate of the American conservative movement now rests in the presidential election of an Ecuadorian socialist.  It is imperative that conservative candidate lose.  Read that again and before you run to grab your torch and pitchfork, I still think socialism is cancer. So, please, let me explain.

Right at this moment, while your eyes scan left to right, Ecuadorians are counting the ballots cast in their presidential election—an election that will determine the fate of a man currently hiding out in Ecuador’s embassy in London: Julian Assange, Founder of Wikileaks.

So why should you hope that the socialist wins?  Well, because the conservative has promised to turn Assange over to the Europeans and thereby silence him.

A Tale Of Two Exit-Polls

Unfortunately, the fog of war, language barriers, and electoral inefficiency has left this decision hanging in the balance.  The socialist candidate Lenin Moreno and the conservative candidate Guillermo Lasso are both claiming victory.  Two exit-polls have been released thus far and both have offered different results.

In A World Gone Mad, Just Go With It

A few days ago, a friend mused quietly about the multiverse theory—that there are other dimensions and universes ongoing where every conceivable reality is unfolding.  If you have blonde hair in this universe, the theory holds that you would have red hair in some other universe.  My friend told me that, obviously, all the rational universes ended in nuclear obliteration since here we are left with this nutty world where the most honest man in the country is a billionaire celebrity-president and the most dishonest are those among the free press.

If you told me just three short years ago, that I would become an ardent Trump supporter, I would have laughed in your face.  But here we are. I must admit, that as I anxiously wait for the Ecuadorian results, the fact that I am rooting for a socialist to win is quite astounding.  But I don’t want the secrets of Assange to be lost to the memory hole and I don’t want history to write his story for him until all that is left of it is a monster used to scare children into obeying the deep state.

We aren’t meant to stare at shadows on the wall of the cave. We aren’t meant to fear the darkness of a black budget.  We’re not meant to be serfs of the intelligentsia.  If that means I must rely on the victory of a socialist to secure the truth-telling of an Australian leaker—so be it! Just this once, at least.


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