Rapone, A Member of DSA, Graduated West Point...This picture of him recently emerged

He Hates His Country…So He Joined Its Army.

Now His Enemies Train Him To Kill.

“Communism Will Win.”  Those are the words that Spenser Rapone chose to write inside of his hat during the West Point Academy graduation ceremony.  He uploaded the photo yesterday to his Twitter account, ostensibly to support the silly campaign to kneel during the National Anthem in honor of Colin Kaepernick’s ego and hatred of police.

Under his shirt, Rapone, who is serving as an officer in the infantry as you read this, wore a Che Guevara t-shirt.  His pattern of behavior should come as a wake up call to the high command responsible for West Point particularly since Rapone attended West Point as the same time as the class of cadets that were reprimanded following their display of “Black Power.”

His actions violate military code. Please consider forwarding this article to your friends and representatives to see to it that he is removed from a position where he is being  taught skills he will inevitably try to use against us.  There’s no need to train terrorists in our armed forces!

Remember this display of stupidity? It appears to be much worse…

Make no mistake: there wasn’t a shred of irony in either of the political statements Rapone made that day.  For him, Communism is the Gospel, Che is his Jesus, and Capitalism is the Devil.  This is his ideological framework, and something he wrote about during the election when he asked Americans to “forget Trump, Clinton and even capitalism” for socialism.

Worst of all, evidence suggests that he is hardly alone in the military when it comes to a love and want for a new social order.

On-lookers in the background sneer at Rapone as he raises a fist signaling his allegiance to Marxism.

Democratic Socialists of America: A Rising Threat

It is unclear where Rapone first was introduced to his views, but what is clear is that he belongs to a group that is beginning to grow at a troubling pace: Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).  DSA is an extremist political organization that is far to the left of any progressive that the readership of Deplorable Digest will hate.

According to NYU Local, DSA was “founded in 1982,” and “boasts 28,000 members nationwide.” This might not seem like much of a threat, but as of 2016, they only had 7,000 members.

DSA, by virtue of its timing or its intent, has become a refuge for some of the most desperate fringe elements on the left.  These are the sorts of people upset with the type of liberalism Clinton espouses and, perhaps, even more upset with people like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders for paying lip service to the things they care about and then ultimately bending the knee to Clinton anyway.  And, while desperate they may be, that isn’t to say that these are good people or ones that you should pity.  Most socialists of this variety are so far gone they wouldn’t waste anytime humanizing one that holds capitalist beliefs.  In a post-Trump presidency, these wretched humans harbor only antipathy.  You’ve seen DSA yourself, but only in their black masks:


Incompatible: The Case For IMMEDIATELY Investigating Communist Elements

The military, for good cause, places strict limits on the political speech of members of the armed forces.  This case is an example of just how crucial those restraints are.  In the broadest sense, soldiers are prohibited from promulgating or campaigning for parties or partisan objectives.  The Army might also be interested in the repeated complaints that Rapone chose to publish under his twitter handle where the above-mentioned photos originated.

Soldiers on active duty are not granted the same liberties as civilian citizens when it comes to speech because its important that we maintain that civilian rule over them when power changes from administration to administration.  By allowing soldiers too much say in politics, many nations have walked themselves down a brisk path to military rule.  It is the belief of this author that Rapone is in egregious violation with his recent and longstanding conduct.

Rapone regularly tweets things that make him ineligible to faithfully serve his Commander in Chief. “Obama Killed a 16-Year-Old American in Yemen. Trump Just Killed His 8-Year-Old Sister,” he tweeted out from his Twitter account.  Another time, he directly called Donald Trump a “fascist.”

There isn’t a single logical reason to train and arm internal enemies like Rapone.  At best, his wildest wet dream of him sharing a bed with Stalin will never pass.  At worst he will seriously hurt someone in a desperate attempt to see his dreams through.

We already teach foreign threats–radical Muslims, for example–the arts of war so that they can attempt to come here and blow us up on our homeland later. Why muddy the waters with a domestic threat not needed? Remove Rapone from the active duty and investigate his remarks.

Dan Abram’s LawNewz seems to have made contact with an associate of Rapone’s or with Rapone himself and confirmed the legitimacy of the photographs posted by the account operated by the infantryman.  Deplorable Digest has taken that work one step further.

This Isn’t “Just Free Speech.” This Is About Loyalty.

Some, like blogger Adam Weinstein, have suggested that Rapone’s speech is similar to the actions of the Steelers professional football player Alejandro Villanueva–that’s hardly the case.  Rapone is actively serving but Villanueva is a veteran that has returned to civilian life.

Villanueva hasn’t exactly had an easy time with all of his teammates either–some, like James Harrison, clearly didn’t like his decision to respect the flag.  But that’s where the similarities end.  None of Villanueva’s teammates will need to question his allegiance to the Steelers–trust was never an issue for them.

With Rapone’s actions, however, it’s reasonable for other soldiers to question where his loyalties lie.  He prefers communism over the system that he is allegedly fighting to defend and constantly insults President Trump’s intelligence.  Meanwhile, he belongs to a radically fringe political element that has ties to the AntiFa rioters.  As for Rapone, he certainly does support Antifa:


On his blog post, Rapone offers some insight into how he sees the world around him — a world where even the statues of Washington and Jefferson are remnants of a racist past.  He doesn’t see any place for them in our land.  Unfortunately for him, once word gets out he might find Americans don’t see any place for him in our land.



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