San Juan Mayor Apparently Opening Indie Clothing Store Amid Disaster…

This trashy woman, Carmen Yulin Cruz, can’t manage to feed her people but apparently she can have a number of custom shirts produced and shipped in so that she can go on camera and play politics! The Queen of staged photos is back at it again in another shameless twist.

So, in a city allegedly lacking in every necessity, we are expected to believe she was able to create custom shirts for herself?  What government resources did she use to obtain her little political props?  Did you know this is the second time she’s done this?

Honestly, if nothing else, the events in Puerto Rico have re-affirmed in my mind that liberals are some of the most gullible (if not just downright stupid) people on the planet.  Seriously. Take for instance the tweets posted by the mayor herself in the aftermath of the disaster where she claimed, “The goal is one: saving lives. This is the time to show our “true colors”. We cannot be distracted by anything else.”

Taken at face value, this is sound advice that you’d hope to hear from any leader in a time of crisis.  But if you actually look at the content of the tweet, you’ll notice Cruz included four staged pictures of her “helping” people. Surely, the liberal tools–even those that aren’t as sharp as the others, would see through the most obviously staged photos, right?

Well, let’s see how they responded to the picture of here wading through water hugging a blowhorn that would break if it was submerged.  It’s clear that this isn’t how a search is conducted by professionals and its also clear that what she’s doing isn’t helping anyone at all (other than her public relations team, at least).


Here’s how liberals interpreted the image:

“If a picture is worth a thousand words then the image of Cruz wading waist deep through floodwaters speaks to her leadership skills even as the U.S. territory and its capital city deal with a mounting humanitarian crisis caused by a devastating hurricane and a slowed response.”

Good grief! She has these zombies eating brains out of the palm of her hand.  It really is baffling the bias-blinders these guys wear.  Take a closer look at that picture:


I can’t take credit for that awesome name.  The “Mermaid Mayor” title was coined by the Canada Free Press’ Judi McLeod.

Now, last I checked, the mayor of San Juan isn’t Jesus and she certainly not walking on water there either.  So it really does force us all to ask a question: how in the name of God is she able to keep her shirt bone dry while wading through rushing flood waters and searching for missing persons?


She’s a fraud.  Scroll back on up to her tweet and look at the other picture from that day.  You’ll notice that her pants are entirely dry, that her life jacket is entirely dry, and that her shirt is entirely dry.  Amazing, right? What does this woman do or say that isn’t a deception of some sorts?


  1. During the NYC Puerto Rican Day parade everyone was all cheering for Oscar Lopez the PUERTO RICAN terrorist who helped kill Americans and police officers. He led the parade right after he was pardoned by Obama. Trust me, most of these people hate Americans.


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