Following the aftermath of the slaughter in Las Vegas at the hands of Stephen Paddock, one MSNBC anchor took it upon herself to mock the dead by offering her services as a member of a security detail. The sole interpretation of her “joke” is that the disaster could somehow have been prevented by more security officers or that the security officers present were inept or incompetent.

The demon in question goes by the name Stephanie Ruhle and she was dumb enough to upload the photo onto her Twitter account for the world to see.  Let’s be very clear: this was uploaded after the tragedy and the implication is offensive to the first responders and security guards that put their lives on the line that night.  It is nothing less than reprehensible. Fox News has since confirmed the time of her post.

Dressed in a pantsuit and standing alongside another anchor named Ali Velshi, Ruhle decided it would be appropriate to make light of the carnage and disparage the security officers at the concert that were helpless to prevent the attack.


What was she expecting to come of this photo? Who in their right mind would ever, ever upload such a monstrosity in the wake of such a tragic event? Someone that’s soulless, perhaps.  Certainly a person that has such bad judgement and foul taste in humor is capable of lying about stories that suit her agenda.

Ruhle must have experienced quite the pushback from her tweet and promptly deleted it but not before enough eyes had seen it and told her how they felt.  Unfortunately for Ruhle, I was able to recover enough proof and archive it so that it will forever be known how dark she inside.  Ruhle wasn’t aware that Google makes a point of archiving, temporarily, the content of the most popular twitter pages.  They use this information to fill the summary that appears below the link in their search results page.  In the case of Ruhle, this included her ugly tweet:

Using the archiving tool provided by, I then froze the search result page so that others would be able to verify for themselves that this is not a photoshop.  To do so, simply direct your browser here.

I reached out to her partner-in-crime Ali Velshi and explained the situation.  I’ve also called all public relations officers and left a message to offer them a chance to comment.  So far, Velshi has chosen to play dumb and then remain silent when I fully elaborated:

So, do you think Ruhle can be trusted? Consider the following: Most recently, Ruhle made a splash by contributing to a story first released by NBC that claimed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called President Donald Trump a “moron.”  Following the vehement denial of this story by both Tillerson and Trump, Ruhle took her case to the audience on MSNBC where she doubled down on her assertion, saying that Tillerson didn’t just call Trump a “moron” but that he called him an “effing moron.”

If Ruhle is willing to make light of a tragedy, if she’s willing to delete a tweet without apologizing for it, if she’s willing to use deception and manipulation — why wouldn’t she lie about a story in order to save her own skin?

This journalist doesn’t think she’d blink an eye before lying.


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