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BREAKING: Iran Just Threatened The United States Granting Trump The Perfect Nuclear Deal Exit

BREAKING: Iran Threatens To Challenge United States With Potential Show Of Force

Obviously, the most responsible thing to do when your nation is being scrutinized for ties to terrorism and a deal-breaking nuclear program is to make terrorist-like threats, right?  Of course not! But that didn’t stop the Iranians from doing just that! In one of the most absurdly out-of-touch statements ever, an advisor to the Ayatollah had this to say:

An Iranian armed forces spokesperson warned it may be time to “teach Americans new lessons” if the Trump administration labeled Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization. Masoud Jazayeri, an IRGC commander and spokesperson, issued the threat, Reuters reported. “It seems the Trump administration understands only swear words, and needs some shocks to understand the new meaning of power in the world,” Jazayeri said, according to ISNA. “The Americans have driven the world crazy by their behavior. It is time to teach them a new lesson.”

Masoud Jazayeri

A “New” Power In The World? Not So Fast!

Let’s get a few thing straight that our Iranian scoundrel doesn’t seem to recognize.  First, Iran is spread thin and in the midst of a proxy war with the Sunni Saudi state.  They are surrounded by states that hate them–the only greater enemy of Iran than America is another Muslim state.  Any Muslim state.  Iran is swimming in enemies and Muslims don’t really get along well with each other.  That’s why their coalitions always eventually fail.  Second, we currently have a deal with Iran and all we want right now is a reason to get out of it–not that we need one, but it would be convenient.  Saying things like this while also doing things that are entirely idiotic and deranged will only hasten our withdrawal.  That brings us to the third point, Iran is constantly trying to break our agreement with them but they are too incompetent (or apathetic) to do so stealthily.  Take a recent report from the German intelligence agency that shows they’ve been trying to buy nuclear tech behind our backs.  To clarify, they weren’t trying to buy it in some one-off crazy attempt, a military scientist gone rogue…no! They made 32 separate efforts to acquire this technology.  If weapons in their hands wouldn’t be dangerous, lethal, and catastrophic this playing innocent game would almost be funny.

Fighting Words? Why Would They Ever Think This Was A Good Idea?

But it isn’t funny.  This is reality.  This is the legacy of Barack Obama and the result of this passive analysis and toothless diplomacy that he made into America’s bread and butter.  It’s horribly flawed but will be quickly resolved under a Trump presidency.  The problem is that in the meantime, we will have to deal with these foreign fools who have now developed sufficiently enlarged egos that they can say things like “the new meaning of power in the world” without any hint of irony.  Potentially, that means we might have to crack a few Iranian eggs or at least stomp on their proxy war efforts.

No one that elected Trump desires a foreign war–this journalist doesn’t. Iran doesn’t want to deal with us either.  A simple show of strength or a diplomatic resolve will quickly snuff out their sensational rhetoric.  The Iranian state, after all, is not a massive car bomb. But they are watching North Korea with eager eyes and wondering whether they made a mistake by not emulating their rocket game.  We need to remind them that it isn’t an option. Donald J. Trump is the man fit for that job.


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