Trump Converted Graham On The Fairway…Graham Puts Sen. Corker On Notice

Liberals are losing their minds today because they just don’t know how to handle Trump’s latest golfing partners.  As you are probably aware, these leftist clowns have done everything from set up a database of Trump’s 30 golf outings to staking out Trump-related businesses to harass the proprietors.  They will do anything to disrupt this president, but this president is doing the things that drive them wild and accomplishing more than Obama ever could to boot.  He’s even making some unexpected friends along the way like Senators Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham.

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Cry All You Want, Senate Dems. But This Is Progress:

The fact is, these libs just don’t understand that business between elites is often conducted on the fairway.  When you are alone, truly alone, without any hint of a journalist in earshot you can speak with a degree of candor that just isn’t possible when stuck on Capitol Hill.  Trump has been using this opportunity to rub elbows with the establishment leaders that just haven’t been able to understand him like the average American.

The president went on two separate golfing trips with senators that were ostensibly opposed to much of his platform.  Turns out that the president is quite adept at turning opponents into friends over the course of the back nine! 

From the Hill:

Trump and Paul have had a tense relationship in the past. Trump attacked the senator for voting against the bill to repeal ObamaCare, but the two reunited over Trump’s executive order rescinding parts of ObamaCare last week.

Paul defended Trump’s use of the order and attended the signing ceremony, during which Trump presented him with a pen.

Trump spent Saturday golfing at the Virginia club with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), marking his second consecutive weekend at the property.

The president has gone golfing with Graham on two separate occasions this month and it appears as though the two are beginning to understand one another even if they aren’t exactly seeing eye-to-eye.

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Golf As Common Ground – Graham Has Come To Trump’s Defense Since Getting To Know Him

And, truthfully, Graham and Trump will never fully convert the one another. But despite all of their differences that previously seemed insurmountable, Graham has been coming to the defense of his president in recent weeks.  Roll the clip:

On Face The Nation today, Graham stated in no uncertain terms that Corker was wrong about Trump and Tillerson and that he in no way “castrated” the Secretary of State as Corker has expressed. “No, I don’t agree with that. I played golf with the president. I just think [Corker] is wrong.” Lindsey Graham said. Graham went on to say that the president is “hellbent on getting a better deal” from Iran.

“At the end of the day, I think Secretary Tillerson gave a good overview of the relationship. I’m not here to beat up Bob [Corker], I’m here to tell you that the president has changed his opinion when it came to Afghanistan by listening to the best national security team I have seen in 20 years.  The people around the president are the smartest guys and gals I have seen in town,” Graham said.

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“He is finally putting the North Koreans on notice!”

Grahams comments are a stark contrast to the nonsense sputtered by Senator Corker, the outgoing chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.  Corker attempted to claim that the president was under siege and that he was not listening to his advisors.  A final word from Graham put that to rest:

“He is not a man under siege.”


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