So Long, Farewell! These Pictures Slammed The Oval Office Door Right In Cuban’s Face!

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“Mark Cuban Is Seriously Considering A Run For President,” read one headline yesterday.  He should be seriously considering a divorce attorney or at least a public relations makeover instead.  Julian Assange just steamrolled any chance that man had of running for president and he did it in one tweet:

Editor’s note: this is NOT Assange’s account but we have double-verified the veracity of these pictures through Deadspin.

What The Heck Is Going On Here? We Found Mark Cuban’s Captions…

We weren’t even sure if we should republish one of those pictures because the nature of it is…explicit. What we can tell you is that involves a table of cocaine and a very scandalous line of nude men walking over a young female student and its seen in the bottom left quarter of the Assange tweet.  Go on, click it, you know you want to.  Thankfully, Mark Cuban decided to describe in his own words what was happening in that shameless picture:

If there was ever doubt about winning the party, you’d whip out the elephant walk. As you can see, I did not participate.

Cuban didn’t participate, but he sure did watch and laugh.  Alright, we’re going to publish it:

If you have any doubt that the picture posted is Mark Cuban, say no more. Turn your attention to this article with Cuban’s photos and you can rest assured it’s the same person.  Here’s another photo from that article:

What About The Cocaine, Mark?

Cocaine isn’t exactly a novel inclusion in the Cuban family.  Brian Cuban, Mark’s brother, reportedly traded two NBA final’s tickets for $1,000 worth of cocaine, twice:

Brian Cuban’s problems with addiction and drugs have been well chronicled. The Morning News wrote a lengthy feature on Mark Cuban’s brother a few years back detailing his struggles with drugs. He’s written books on the subject and has his own 12-step recovery program.
In late June, at the UNITE 2015 Youth In Recovery Conference at Drexel University, Brian Cuban opened up about a time where he traded two NBA Finals’ tickets for $1,000 worth of cocaine. Twice.

We can only speculate about Mark’s use however.

We Don’t Have To Speculate About These Photos Though! Here’s Mark’s Own Words Again:

“This photo and the next one were taken during a Rugby 7s tournament in Fort Wayne one summer. These girls were watching when I got my kit ripped apart in the match, and they asked for a picture,” Cuban wrote on his Google+ page where Deadspin originally found the photos.

“As a show of appreciation for their appreciation, I returned their affection. It was the polite thing to do,” Cuban explained with the next photo.  Seriously we are NOT making this up. Please make sure you take a look at the whole album.

Assange is still in a precarious position in Ecuador.  In many ways he is kept as a bargaining chip for a country that isn’t exactly on good terms with the Western nations.  The work that Assange does is instrumental to pushing back the tide of cultural Marxism and rampant disregard for morality.  A man without a home, Assange is doing more for Nationalists worldwide than anyone else.  Perhaps this is his way to feel as though his life has purpose while he is locked inside a consulate.


    • Spunky little wise-ass! There’ll be plenty of other smutty crap to examine that Mr. KNOW- IT-ALL has perpetrated! It takes mire than just a FAT WALLET and a BIG MOUTH to be Commander in Chief! Go practice dribbling, you dolt!

  1. I never liked this idiot and after seeing these pictures he is replusive. This moron should never run for President. Dog catcher is too good for him.


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