Playboy’s November Issue Will Cover The First Transgender Model…Also, Liberals Believe In Female Penises

The body of Hugh Heftner isn’t even cold yet–but its certainly not hot and bothered.  His beloved degenerate smut magazine, Playboy, has just designated a transgender model as the November issue model of the month.  To clarify, this is a man that underwent some battery of surgeries to manipulate their body into a shape resembling a female.  We’re demanded to shake off any pretense (logic) that the person has both an X and Y chromosomes and deny reality.  Dear lord, liberals believe that science is now bigoted!

It all started with this tweet (ARCHIVE):

Now, forget about all that you’ve read from the mouths of monsters like Ezra Klein and other liberal nonsense-makers that demand conservatives turn to science on issues of climate change.  Science is now passé! Fan-fiction, however, is all the rage.

Anonymous Meme Chimes In

So instead of carbon dating and genetic mutations we’re told to believe that men that undergo surgery are now female.  Further, we are told that men who do not undergo surgery but merely think they are women are also women.

Lastly, we are told that such men that retain their natural reproductive organs but see themselves as women are now women.  It follows that liberals now believe in the existence of a “female penis” — so I had to ask, just to be sure:

Well, life moves fast I guess.  Taking a closer look at this newly minted liberal monstrosity, I decided to examine the administrative decisions behind the scenes at Playboy.  What I found was somewhat unorthodox or at least unexpected: the executive editor of this straight porn outlet is gay.  There’s nothing wrong with anyone’s personal sexual proclivities since that’s their business so long as it doesn’t descend into violence or non-consensual engagement. That said, there’s something self-evidently odd about a gay man running a straight porn outlet, right?  I tried to ask Shane Singh, Executive Editor of Playboy:

Shane wasn’t exactly forthcoming on his sexual proclivities but that’s fine. Like I said, it’s a personal issue. But it was important to the story and as it turns out he wrote a book about his coming out.  Before this event, you had to wonder whether a gay person was best fit for the role of feeding degenerate straight men material they would, for lack of a better word, consume.  After this event, you might still have reason to wonder, but you can clearly say that Shane Michael Singh is not the gay man for the job.  When Shane isn’t on a crusade to destroy playboy with nude men masquarading as women, he’s trying to publish pro-immigration articles that he ghost writes for the deported. He doesn’t admit he ghost writes them though, no.

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Shane is the perfect example of how the porn industry is being used to target young, objectionable young men and turn them into liberals by using degenerate filth to do it.  Do some independent research on who runs and funds the porn industry and what political motivations they’ve expressed along the way.  Bread and circus like this is a way to corrupt the hearts and minds of Americans.

Well, it’s a good thing he has his resume ready since the whole Playboy trans issue isn’t exactly going off as well as he hoped! I’m not entirely sure how good of a talking point it is for him to say he single-handedly crumbled an empire built by a man that never took off his pajamas, but to each their own. In the modern world it is very clear that up is down, right is left, ignorance is strength, truth is lie, and now, man is woman. God help every single one of us to our last–we need it.


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