Khizr Khan Thinks The Death Of His Son Matters More Than The Death Of Robert Kelly…Or Maybe He Doesn’t Care About General John Kelly’s Loss

Khizr M. Khan, the father of the Muslim-American soldier killed in Iraq is back again saying equally ignorant and vile things.  Previously, Khizr was accused of selling US citizenship while he worked as an immigration lawyer and then he lied about the Trump Travel Ban blocking him from travel outside of the United States.  Both of these stories rightfully disgust loyal Americans, of course, but what he just did today truly outshines all of his other vile acts.

Khizr Khan is telling the world that another Gold Star father should keep his mouth shut. Not just any Gold Star father either — he said it referring to General John Kelly, Donald Trump’s chief of staff. For some reason, this Muslim father thinks he has a right to tell a man who has sacrificed far more than he, how to live. It’s sickening:

“We acknowledge his [Kelly’s] sacrifices and service and his family’s service. But now he is citizen of United States, should have refrained from doing exactly same thing what he was complaining about,” Khan said Sunday on CBS News’ “Face the Nation.”
He added, “This is American tradition that when military leaders retire, they go home, collect their pension, and they maintain the dignity that they have earned.”

This is how Khan chose to respond to General Kelly’s choice to speak about his son’s death.  The General had remained silent on the matter for years–who is this man to tell another father how to remember their son and who he can share his story with? Khan is no one if this is how he chooses to behave.


Khan was really looking to promote his new book, because after all, he’s really just a money-grubbing jackal.

Already, the liberal media is gobbling up his nonsense and the titles they are publishing will turn your face green:

  • Khizr Khan: the patriotic American Muslim who called out Donald Trump
  • What Trump Can Learn From A Gold Star Family
  • Gold Star father Khizr Khan knocks White House chief of staff on military condolence...

General Kelly Never Received A Call From Obama

The list goes on and on and on and not one of these lowlife publications bother to mention Robert Kelly, son of John Kelly, Killed In Action on 10th of November, 2010 unless they do so as a footnote or as if it is some irrelevant matter.  General John Kelly did not receive any call from President Obama when his son was killed in the line of duty either.  Liberals insist that Obama made many visits to Arlington, placed calls to the families of the deceased, and visited the wounded at the various hospitals.  All of this is well documented, of course, because for Obama it was always an opportunity for a photo-op.

The Obamas are best friends with Beyonce Knowles so it isn’t any surprise that they took every opportunity to paint themselves as America’s angels.  But this isn’t about Obama and it isn’t even about Trump or who called and who didn’t.  This is about the audacity of a disgusting creature to tell another Gold Star father that he had no right to speak about being a Gold Star father.  General Kelly served honorably and continues to serve with dignity today.  His son, an honorable man–really, just a boy like far too many of them are–paid the ultimate price for his patriotism.

For all the criticism, all the hatred, all the disgust launched at Khizr Khan following his tirade at the Democratic National Convention, did anyone tell him it wasn’t his place to speak?  Did anyone tell a bereaved family that they should not add to the discourse and political dialogue? I remember plenty of people publishing attacks on Clinton for her use of the Khan family and I remember many rebuttals being written to Khan himself.  For the life of me, however, I do not remember anyone telling him he should have kept his mouth shut.

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Khan previously announced a second book deal aimed at propagandizing children in America with his twisted view of what this country means.


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