Washington Post: Clinton PAID For The Dossier That Claimed Trump Was Owned By Putin And That He Paid Hookers To Pee On Him

There has been much talk about who was responsible for the production and distribution of the infamous Trump dossier that was released during the election cycle.

Now, liberals are naming the names of those responsible for funding the venture and the guilty parties are all the way at the top of the Democratic food chain.

In a shocking report published by the Washington Post just an hour ago, Hillary Clinton was named as the primary financier of the operation.  Along with help from members of the Democratic National Committee, she framed Trump as a Russian operative involved in nasty sexual fetishes in hopes that it would turn away Evangelicals shocked by the reports of pornographic deviancy.  Of course, we know that failed royally and instead the report was outright rejected as a laughable forgery.

After all, who is going to believe that someone like Trump is obsessed with having Russian hookers pee on him? Yes, that’s literally in the fake dossier–that’s how desperate they were.

This Is Shaping Up To Be The Biggest Scandal A Clinton Has EVER Faced…

Marc E. Elias, one of Clinton’s campaign lawyers and a DNC operative ran point on the project and retained Fusion GPS to produce the report.

From the Washington Post:

Fusion GPS gave Steele’s reports and other research documents to Elias, the people familiar with the matter said. It is unclear how or how much of that information was shared with the campaign and DNC, and who in those organizations was aware of the roles of Fusion GPS and Steele. One person close to the matter said the campaign and the DNC were not informed of Fusion GPS’s role by the law firm.

The dossier has become a lightning rod amid the intensifying investigations into the Trump campaign’s possible connections to Russia. Some congressional Republican leaders have spent months trying to discredit Fusion GPS and Steele, and tried to determine the identity of the Democrat or organization that paid for it.

They then hired the besmirched and shamed ex-spy Christopher Steele to compile the false report.

Further, the Washington Post reports that a yet-to-be-named Republican client hired Fusion GPS to fund a similar hit piece on Trump.  Naturally, the usual suspects of Rubio, Flake, McCain, and Graham come to mind as the most likely perpetrators.

Trump has been insisting that the people responsible for the production of the report and the financing thereof ought to be investigated and have their names released.

Is Jail On The Clinton Horizon?  It’s Looking A LOT More Likely Now

Clearly, this report is a permanent blemish on the unscrupulous and corrupt behavior.

Even as this report is being drafted, more information is coming out on the matter.  Tucker Carlson just reported that the Podesta brothers were hired by Paul Manafort to lobby the Clinton State Department on behalf of Russia.

How absolutely brazen the Clinton campaign and the DNC have been in order to continue pushing the absurd Russian narrative when they are the largest culprits behind any real conspiracy.

The Uranium One story is by far the largest story of the entire election cycle and now that this dossier can be tied to Clinton herself, we have to wonder how much more she was desperate to hide.

It certainly seems as though her very life depended on her election to the Oval office.  One day, soon perhaps, we may very well see her locked up and behind bars.

We will continue to update this story as new facts come to light.

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