Joy Villa Is A Con Artist: We Have The Proof!

Do you know who Joy Villa is? She’s running for Congress and attempting to use the Trump brand to do so.  Unfortunately, she has nothing in common with the Trump movement and thanks to the hard work of some citizen journalists, she has been outed as a complete fraud.  She even advised people to not vote for Trump on election day and even before that called all Trump supporters stupid.  It doesn’t help that she’s a Scientologist, either.  Now, Villa is running as a sleeper cell–she hopes to trick conservatives into voting for her so that she can earn a seat on a Republican ticket while her real goal is to pass socialist laws.  We have evidence of what truly lies in her heart of hearts…

This Is The Image That Captivated MAGA America — But Little Did We Know The Deception We Were Falling For!

Here’s Joy Villa, February 3rd, at the Grammy’s. She wants to appear as just another Brick in Trump’s Wall. But she’s actually a snake in the grass.

Every move that Villa has ever made has been in the pursuit of her own personal footprint in history.  That’s the context you have to understand her in…if you need to understand how she used the Grammy’s to do this, take a look at the dresses she wore in the past:

It Looks Like She DIDN’T Even VOTE For Trump…

At Least If You Look At Her Statements On Election Day, She’s A Bernie Voter!

On August 23, Joy Villa tweeted the following statement: “yes, Trump supporters really are that stupid. Lol.”  She would later attempt to delete the tweet when she realized it was damaging her reputation as a celebrity with some right-wing brains.  But she didn’t delete it before it was permanently saved on the internet archive site

On election day, she then tweeted the following tweet and hasn’t realized that she should have deleted it (yet):

Interestingly enough, Joy Villa has a colorful past of taking advantage of a political movement.  On July 12th, 2012, she tweeted that she just finished filming a cameo in a pro-Obama music video:

Her Scientology Associate Admits That They Are Not Real Supporters Of Trump, Merely Using Him:

Later, he says he met with Joy and her publicist, and Kuba says he suggested that to expand Scientology’s reach, they should go to Washington DC and try to meet the new president. (“I don’t actually support Trump. I just mean we should try to meet with him because he’s the president. I don’t support anybody. I only support the United Nations and Queen Elizabeth,” Kuba adds with a laugh.) At the time, in January, he says that Joy reacted negatively, saying that she didn’t like Trump.

“I had told her and her publicist that Scientology was too much behind closed gates. Let’s show the love and bring in the media, bring in Leah Remini. And after I told them that, Joy and her publicist told me they couldn’t be around me because I was too controversial and was talking about reaching out to Trump. Then she turned around and supported Trump!

Kuba thinks his suggestion was the seed that motivated her later to wear a “Make America Great Again” dress to the Grammys, which instantly made her famous with Trump supporters.

A report from a true citizen-journalist, Dustin Snider, took a look at her past behavior on Twitter and what he found should send up more than one red flag:

Dustin writes, “She actively retweeted and liked President Obama’s tweets and campaign messages as well… by our count [she liked] over a dozen other Democrats.”

Here’s another tweet from her indicating her support for Bernie Sanders:

Joy Has A Very Scandalous Past…As An Exhibitionist!

We’re not going to post the pictures of her working as an adult entertainer here, but we are going to link to them.  You can, uh, research on your own time.  The point is that this is just not the behavior of a politician on either side of the aisle.  These are not the choices that a political leader should be making.

B-B-But Why Would She Do This To Us? Gee, I Dunno, Man…

Your guess is as good as mine, my guess says it’s her bottom line that’s lining her pocket:

Ms. Villa is a shill for scientology. And that she will capitalize on her 15 minutes of fame to promote herself (with the help of scientology) as a “#1 selling artist” (no longer the oddly self-titled “Grammy considered artist”). This newfound celebrity will be used to try and attract new people to scientology. On top of that, any money that comes in from her skyrocketing downloads will no doubt end up being given to scientology.

Of course, her behavior is probably not far removed from the larger goals of the Scientology cult that she belongs to.  They’ve already been using her to trick people into joining their so-called “church.”

So Let’s Cut Off This Arm In Order To Save Our Body, Please!

Let’s be honest with ourselves here — it’s far better to admit that we were duped by this shill than it is to let her go on duping us in order to preserve our pride.  I fell for her gag. I praised her because it was fun to rub her in the faces of every celebrity that was left of center (which is every celebrity, more or less).  We all jumped on the opportunity, but ‘not all that glitters is gold, and nothing gold can stay,’ as they say.  It’s time to tell Joy Villa she’s not going to be elected on our watch. Please share this information and consider giving Dustin a follow on Twitter–he put a lot of elbow grease into this research.

Joy isn’t the first to use this movement and she probably won’t be the last.  We will continue to Make America Great Again — It might just require a bit more vigilance in the future!


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