BREAKING: Active Shooter At Salt Lake City’s University Of Utah

Police in Salt Lake City, Utah have confirmed that at least one victim has been killed in a school shooting.  The situation is still developing, and while it appears that the suspect is now at-large and attempting to evade capture, students are advised to remain sheltered in place.  Police have released the name of one suspect: Austin Boutain, 24.

For hours now the police and FBI in Utah have been canvasing the immediate area near the university for Austin Boutain.  Boutain is considered to be armed and dangerous.

The shooting began just before 11:00 pm local time near the Red Butte Canyon and the medical center on the eastern edge of campus. Reports from the Salt Lake City Fire Department confirm that his victim was 25 year old male that suffered a gunshot wound to the head.  Multiple law enforcement agencies are currently on-scene.

The initial confrontation might have been due to a domestic dispute since some are reporting that this had to do with his wife hanging out with a guy without his consent.  The SLC Fire Department seems to think that the wife is currently in custody:

Boutain is allegedly a registered sex offender (see below) and has been a frequent tenant of numerous correctional facilities.

Boutain has previously served time at the county jail.  The following were taken during his stay there:

You’ll notice that the sign on the wall indicates that he’s just holding up any white board, he’s being processed.

According to, Boutain served time in Ohio and Alabama.  His stint in Ohio was for obstructing an investigation and disorderly conduct:

Personal photos of the suspect show a number of face tattos as well as the infamous cross tattoo under his right eye:

The suspect is married to a Kathleen Boutain, pictured here:

Boutain has been known to drive a black Ford Ranger and is a convicted sex offender.

Updates From Salt Lake City Police and the official University of Utah Twitter account:


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