Since August of 2015 Clinton Campaign Was Pre-Selected As The Nominee Before Any Primary Contest Took Place — According To Donna Brazile

The lawyer that helped finance the infamous Trump Dossier has been implicated in a campaign finance scandal according to Democratic operative and political analyst Donna Brazile.

Brazile released what at first glance appears to be a brave and daring report to POLITICO today.  After careful review its painfully obvious that she wants to abdicate responsibility for her role in the scandal.  Still, she offers a very interesting tale filled with insights that reveal the inner-workings of the least transparent and most corrupt Democratic party in decades.  Take A Look:

Brazile starts off with an obvious lie as she panders to the religious sensibilities of the American people: she tells how she turned on “Gospel Music” before giving a “heartbreaking” call to Bernie Sanders.  The call, of course, was an admission to collusion between the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign long before the latter had clinched the nomination.

The collusion wasn’t simple, either.  Rather, due to the extravagant expenses Obama forced the party to undertake and the subsequent “neglect” by the former president to assist with the payment of the debts incurred through those lavish expenses, the Clinton campaign was able to gain a foothold in the party machinery well before she had been won her first primary battle.

It’s important to point out that Donna Brazile has her hands dirty too–she’s the one that gave questions to Clinton before the CNN debate. 

In a deal worked out between Marc Elias, an attorney with the law firm Perkins Coie, and Robby Mook, the campaign director serving under Hillary, the Clinton campaign would make a series of payments to the DNC in exchange for the DNC’s cooperation in a laundering effort.  Elias has recently become the controversial Democratic face behind the Clinton Dossier.

There Was No Democratic Primary

Through this laundering scheme, Clinton could bypass the campaign finance restrictions imposed by the Federal Election Commission.  The FEC mandates that individual campaign contributions must not exceed $2,700 per person.  However, utilizing the scheme developed by Elias, individuals could pay an additional $353,400 to the campaign by funneling those payments through 32 different states.

That money would then be transferred from the state parties to the DNC headquarters and then again transferred to the Clinton campaign in Brooklyn.  Ostensibly, this money was meant to be put in a war chest for whomever ended up winning the nomination.  In practice, this money was given to Clinton long before she had been nominated–just four months after her announcement, in fact.

Put simply, Bernie Sanders was right to believe that an underhanded tactic was used by the corrupt DNC.  There was no Democratic primary. Clinton was chosen–or rather, a lawyer for the DNC and Clinton’s campaign manager made the decision together, then held all other parties hostage.

Here’s how Brazile described the deal:

The agreement—signed by Amy Dacey, the former CEO of the DNC, and Robby Mook with a copy to Marc Elias—specified that in exchange for raising money and investing in the DNC, Hillary would control the party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised. Her campaign had the right of refusal of who would be the party communications director, and it would make final decisions on all the other staff. The DNC also was required to consult with the campaign about all other staffing, budgeting, data, analytics, and mailings.

Frankly, Clinton owned the DNC.  She controlled every action they took.  There was nothing any other candidate could do.

Meanwhile, the money that was raised for state Democratic parties was stolen from them–only less than half of one percent ever reached the state party war chest. The rest went to Clinton herself.

Brazile continued:

When you have an open contest without an incumbent and competitive primaries, the party comes under the candidate’s control only after the nominee is certain. When I was manager of Al Gore’s campaign in 2000, we started inserting our people into the DNC in June. This victory fund agreement, however, had been signed in August 2015, just four months after Hillary announced her candidacy and nearly a year before she officially had the nomination.

Nothing about this agreement is illegal–it’s strictly unethical and devious.  Since political parties are private, they can more or less internally develop their own rules.  Only interactions with the public are regulated. Voters were led through a series of orchestrated charades and theatrical performances–“primaries”–but all the while, behind the scenes, Clinton was pulling the puppeteer’s strings.  There was no primary.

Now we get to Brazile’s call with Senator Sanders…that’s where her true colors are revealed again:

“Hello, senator. I’ve completed my review of the DNC and I did find the cancer,” I said. “But I will not kill the patient.”

Brazile says that had she know Hillary took control of the party, she wouldn’t have become the interim chair.  But, since the damage was done, she had no choice but see things through the general election–keeping her lips sealed. Brazile claims that Bernie asked her how she felt about Hillary’s chances and that she told him she “didn’t trust the polls.”  Perhap Brazile was so worried about the polls that she decided helping Clinton cheat during that debate was another necessary evil.

This is a painfully obvious attempt for her to appeal separate from the swamp muck.  But she goes on to say that she asked Bernie to campaign for Clinton anyways.

So now we know the following:

Clinton sold uranium to the Russians.

She Colluded with the Russians to get the Trump Dossier.

She colluded with the DNC during the debates when Donna Brazile gave her questions in advance.

She colluded with the DNC to prevent a real primary from taking place against Bernie Sanders.

She laundered money.


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