ABC AND CNN Manipulated Footage Of Trump And Abe To Create A Fake News Story That Just Never Happened…

You would have to have some sort of mental problem to resort to creating drama about feeding pretty Koi Fish, right? Well, whichever executive or producer is responsible for cutting the ABC footage of President Trump and Prime Minister Abe certainly has a couple screws loose then. We can call them fish-brained!

ABC just wasn’t happy about the news coverage of Trump in Asia apparently–things were going just a bit too well! They were so unhappy they chose to manipulate their viewers rather than just tell the truth. They attempted to cut the footage of one of their videos to make it look like Trump dumped all of his fish food out when he was supposed to be spoon feeding a couple pieces at a time.  What they didn’t tell viewers was that Prime Minister Abe dumped his food first after they had been feeding the fish for some time! 

Their goal is quite clear and probably the only transparent part of their coverage: they want you to see Trump as some bumbling idiot that is insulting his host nation with his Archie Bunker behavior.

This could not be farther from the case! The first video we are going to show you will be the video ABC created to mislead Americans.  Then we will show you how Trump really behaved–he followed the lead of his counterpart, Prime Minister Abe.  In other words, he was perfectly respectful.

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Here’s the edited Fake News clip aired by ABC:

Notice that they only show Trump dump his fish food–then a slew of their silly fish-brained liberal journalists attempted to bash the president for his behavior.  The reality is that they were all duped (or ‘took the bait’ if fish puns aren’t too cringe-worthy)!

Now, here’s what actually happened in full:

You’ll notice that Abe is the first to dump his fish food.

And, for the lazy, here’s a short GIF:

This Might Seem Like A Small Deal, But This Really Creates A Cascade Of Fake News Amplification…

Tons of media outlets have already taken the bait and fallen for the manipulation.  The problem with one of the “Big 3” (ABC, NBC, and CBS) pulling a stunt like this is that a cascade of other smaller outlets will follow suit assuming that the coverage is reliable.  By the time a retraction is written, if any is ever written at all, too many people have seen the original fake story.  Retractions are rarely, if ever, read.

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Here’s a couple examples of cascading fake news:

Has ABC Manipulated Footage Before? Probably. We Know Katie Couric Has…

ABC doesn’t exactly have a sparkling record with video editing, either.  One of their former network faces, Katie Couric, got busted for editing a documentary on gun control shortly after leaving the network.  It follows that she probably got away with a great deal of malicious manipulation while she was still on their programs, too.

Reality matters — Trump and Abe are accomplishing a great deal and are working on strengthening the ties between all Asian nations and the United States in order to create a united front against our common enemies.  That’s great…but optics matter too.  Liberal journalists are aware of this latter point and are using it to create divisive misinformation in the hopes that fake news will convert more undecided people to their side. It’s disgusting, but when they make it this easy to counteract their drama, we need to take advantage of it.

ABC is a dishonest network and deserves every bit of animosity and criticism it receives.

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