‘we had to protect women from him’

Former Vice President Joe Biden just got caught up in the so-called Weinstein Effect. Looks like he better reconsider any run for president in 2020.

A former Secret Service agent speaking on the condition of anonymity with The Gateway Pundit made a riveting (yet not unforeseen or unexpected) claim: Joe Biden is a predator.

The agent said that the staff Christmas party at the Vice President’s house last year had to be canceled because “Biden would grope all of our wives and girlfriend’s asses.”  The party, which is an Executive branch tradition, was for the hard working agents and Navy personnel who are responsible for ensuring the safety of the Vice President’s family.

That’s not all the agent said, either!

‘weinstein level stuff’

From the Gateway Pundit:

“He would mess with every single woman or teen. It was horrible,” the agent said.

According to the source, a Secret Service agent once got suspended for a week in 2009 for shoving Biden after he cupped his girlfriend’s breast while the couple was taking a photo with him. The situation got so heated, the source tells Big League, that others had to step in to prevent the agent from hitting the then-Vice President.

Additionally, the agent claims that Biden would walk around the VP residence naked at night. “I mean, Stark naked… Weinstein level stuff,” he added.

The agent was even more concerned about women in the Navy.  Since these sailors are obligated to obey the commands of the Vice President while serving under him, they “weren’t allowed to disobey…but we’d take them away under pretend auspices.”

These aren’t the first vile allegations to come out about the vice president either.  It’s been noted that the VP enjoys taking a swim in his birthday suit–regardless of where he is at the time.

Allegedly, Biden would wait for Jill, his wife, to leave the residence before walking around buff naked and going for a skinny dip.  This is a corroborated detail by other agents.

The vice president has long been criticized for his behavior that can be described as far too familiar.  A number of times he has been caught on camera inappropriately grabbing women or creepily leaning into them repeatedly to whisper something in their ear.

Take a look:

On Monday, Biden took to the Late Show with Stephen Colbert to attack nationalism and the Trump administration.  Well Biden, nationalism is the only path forward through the dark times ahead of us.  And you, well, you are just one more leader of deceit that should forever be relegated to the dustbin of history.

So, in the midst of all these other allegations, will liberals step up and acknowledge that one of the politicians that they are most fond of is actually a vile, predatory, freak?  Will they condemn him, censure him publicly, launch an investigation or parade his victims around? Will the Washington Post convince agents to speak up and come forward?

Probably not, so don’t hold your breath.  Liberals aren’t know for having the best judgement, anyways. This is just a needle in a whole stack of needles, a grain of sand on the liberal beach of predatory beasts.

We all know there are two standards at play.


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