How The Social Aspect Of Social Media Has Been Destroyed By The Technocratic Tantrums Of 2017 


  • Twitter Quietly Calls Itself A Media Company, Begins Monitoring Users When They Are NOT Using Twitter

  • Facebook Pushes Back Against Calls For It To Declare Itself A Publisher

  • On December 18th, Twitter Will Institute A Number Of Changes

Twitter plans to monitor users when they are NOT using the website:

Twitter and Facebook have been under increasingly hostile pressure from liberals in order to change the way their platforms behave in relation to conservatives.  It was not long ago that the age of the internet was meant to liberate the common folk, proliferate the spread of ideas, and allow people to freely associate across the world.  Well, it was fun while it lasted. 

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There weren’t any absurd calls to censor speech after liberals declared President Obama the first “internet” president.  There are simply too many articles to link to that proudly boasted of his adept use of social media.   When the internet is going well for liberals, they’re all for it.  When it isn’t…well they try to quickly change the rules. 

If Obama was really the first “internet” president, perhaps his title is best defined by the massive amount of data he collected on Americans with the vast array of spying tools first revealed by Edward Snowden.  Regardless, the first president to master the tools of mass communication in order to speak with (and not spy on) the American people is undeniably Donald Trump—and that is certainly rubbing liberals the wrong way. 

The first signs came quickly and were quite absurd: they demanded that Facebook declare itself a publisher, begin editing the content provided by alternative media sources, and manipulate the newsfeeds of every one of their 1 billion+ users in order to push the correct narrative out to each of them. 

Facebook, for what it’s worth, did the best they could to push back on this front—Zuckerberg, speaking during an event in Rome, tried to stamp out their demands: “We are a tech company, not a media company,” he said.  Despite this, liberal journalists weren’t willing to accept that answer. Fortune even attempted to compare Facebook to the early days of the Huffington Post.  Seriously 

Liberals want you to ignore the fact that literally 1 billion of Facebook’s users are not creating media for dissemination and profit because that would require you to realize that Facebook isn’t a publishing company and is nothing like the Huffington Post.  It’s all smoke and mirrors, but that hasn’t stopped the only other significant social media platform from embracing the status of a “news and magazine company.” 

I first noticed this the other night when I went to the app store in order to download the latest Twitter update. 

Twitter has been making a number of changes behind the scenes and plans to roll them out on December 18th.  While they have they have yet to fully describe the breadth and depth of these changes, they have released some troubling information: they intend to begin monitoring the behavior of users offline and off-site.  In other words, Twitter has promised to ban users that behave in a “problematic” manner whether or not they conduct themselves admirably while using Twitter itself.

It’s not like they don’t have the ability to do so, either.  In fact, I found out that any website (like this one you’re reading now) that has an embedded tweet or “tweet this button” can be used to track user behavior through cookies installed on your computer by Twitter. Originally, these cookies were intended for Twitter to track your interests in order to “better” serve you ads.  There’s no telling what they could use this for moving forward.  Orwell did warn us.  

Of course, liberals are quite pleased about these changes.  They’re flexing their fingers and getting ready to push the ‘report’ button ten thousand times more often than they had before in the hopes that it will finally do what they want: purge conservative voices.  It’s not like journalists aren’t encouraging this sort of behavior, either.  A simple poll retweeted by Trump is enough to launch an entire investigation by the Washington Post in order to assess the origin of the account that made it.  Of course, that’s really one of the calmer reactions to the new era of right wing politics.  Trump Derangement Syndrome exists on a spectrum—some “journalists” have declared that veganism as a sign of white supremacy. 

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Facebook does have plans to make some changes as well—they’ve contracted a number of “unbiased” third-party fact checkers.  Of course, these people are hardly unbiased. In fact, they’re often entirely unethical–Snopes is a prime example of this flawed program. 

Further, Facebook has implemented a window underneath some posts indicating whether the publication practices ethical standards and fact-checking methods.  The window will be populated with information written by the publishers themselves…for now. 

While journalists have been happy to demand that Facebook better incubate and seed liberal ideas into their massive user-base, some of the resulting plans tested by the social media company have caught the ire of the press.  They weren’t happy to hear, for instance, that Twitter was considering removing all media posts from publishers and putting them in a separate tab entirely. One journalist said that it felt like they “didn’t even matter” which is probably how right wing publishers felt when liberals began demanding they be scrutinized and purged.

Now, I’ve saved the best for last here because their is one shining glimmer of hope on the horizon: a social network that doesn’t believe in hate speech, that doesn’t censor or quarantine, and invites users to speak freely.  I’m talking about Gab, of course.  And if you have any sense, while the clock is still ticking, I’d urge you to use what little time you have left to enjoy the wilting weeds of Twitter and Facebook to encourage your friends and family to open an account on their platform.





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