Former Secret Service Agent Says He Has Stories To Tell…And He Needs To Tell Them Soon!

A former secret service agent named Dan Bongino has information about Hillary Clinton and only time will tell when he’s ready to release.  One thing is clear–that time is fast approaching.  This story began when Nick Merrill, a former employee of Hillary Clinton, needlessly jumped to her defense on Twitter.  Merrill claimed that Bongino never served on the security detail tasked with protecting the former First Lady.  Bongino quickly put that lie to rest by publishing a photograph with him keeping guard over her left shoulder.  He said it was just one of “literally hundreds of operations” he conducted on Hillary’s detail.  Merrill was briefly silent, stunned by how quickly his lie was outed.

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But while Merrill momentarily held his lying tongue, Bongino wasn’t finished. “For those who have asked why I’ve been speaking about the Clintons, here’s why,” he said. “The Clintons seem to be under the impression that because people worked for them, & with them, that they’re obligated to keep their secrets. But, no one is obligated to cover for corruption & misdeeds.

Woah.  That would be enough to get even the most disinterested ears perked up and at attention, but that was hardly all Mr. Bongino had to say.  He then turned his attention back to Nick Merrill again to warn him that he had new information, previously unreleased, about Merrill’s “messiah Hillary.”  He didn’t say precisely what he meant by this but he did leave two ominous hashtags to hint on the matter: #Epstein and #EmailGate.

The former secret service agent believes that the Clintons are “hoarding the spotlight” because it is necessary for their continued survival–without power and influence to bury the secrets of their dark past filled with misdeeds, those skeletons will surface and the truth will come out.  It’s clear that Bongino thinks the truth will come out:

His Comments Have Prompted Others To Speak Up As Well:

Allegedly, Clinton Treated Her Security Detail So Poorly That One Agent Threatened To Quit:

Some Epstein Background Information:

Jeffrey Epstein is a New York City business magnate that pled guilty to atttempting to solicit sex from an underage girl–that guilty plea landed him in jail for just over a year and he was thereafter forced to register as a sex offender.  In recent years, owing to the close relationship he shared with the Clintons as well as the flight records that log numerous Harveywood celebrities traveling to his island, he has garnered additional scrutiny.  Epstein allegedly installed beds in his jet where he would film powerbrokers as they engaged in illicit sex acts with minors.  He reportedly used these documented affairs as blackmail and leverage.  The Clintons reportedly chose to continue their association with the man even after they knew he was a pedophile.

Oh, and it’s worth noting that flight records show that Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey flew together on the Lolita Express (the depraved title given to flights to Epstein’s island estate).  Birds of a feather, as they say…

But there’s one thing that is troubling about all of this — If Bongino knows something, he needs to speak out.  He shouldn’t sit idly by with vague comments.  We want to send this woman to the place she belongs: prison. 


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