Feminists Bemoan The Latest Form Of Oppressive Parental Privilege

What are feminists fighting for these days?  When they aren’t making excuses for why a hijab is actually a sign of feminine strength, they’re trying to destroy nuclear families, make white people feel bad for being white, framing men as a boogeyman, and destroying children and child rearing.

This last point is what we’re going to talk about today–a new list from a website frequented by feminists has a number of absolutely idiotic suggestions about child-rearing.  The site, Everyday Feminism, is a great example of how feminists ruin every single day and every single thing that matters to the Western world.

Their recent article, “9 Intersectional Parenting Tips For Parents With Privilege,” is all about how the Western world is broken and that fixing it starts with raising your children the right way.  In other words, parents must brainwash their children early–the author, Rebecca Leys, says she talks about war and slavery regularly with her five year old.  She has three daughters (god help us, the next generation of Leys will only be more extreme), and she’s grooming them to be “strong” feminists with some not-so-helpful advice.

Why Is Rebecca Leys Writing This? What Exactly Is Wrong With Her?

In a word, Feminism. But Rebecca sees this as doing her part to destroy the things that help white, monogamous, nuclear families to succeed.  She even says as much:

The vast majority of terrible things that people are forced to deal with on a day-to-day basis were created by people, perpetuated by people, and taught to kids as the status quo.  However, one of the first things that needs to happen is for people who presently benefit from the way society is set up (myself and my kids included) to see that they are benefiting from this system and put the work in to changing the way our society works – even if that makes them uncomfortable and leads them to lose some of the perks they may have become accustomed to.

Rebecca is teaching her children to become a cancer that infects, metastasizes, and ultimately destroys the Western world and she doesn’t have a clue that her children will become the victims of her devices if she is to succeed.  She doesn’t care either–her idea is simple: bring everyone down into the muck.  Her ancestors would hopefully be ashamed of her.  Her parents certainly should be.

Thankfully, there’s still hope.  Rebecca is raising her very young children (twin two-year-olds and one five-year-old) in a manner that will make her literally want to kill them when they become teenagers. So, hopefully by then she will see the error of her way, it’s just probably not a betting man’s wager.

Central to here parental theory is the idea that children as young as two should be able to make significant choices about their well-being.  What types of choices? Oh, you know, like whether or not they should wear a coat when they go out in the cold, whether they should eat vegetables, and whether they should hug Grandma and Grandpa.

Rebecca is apparently one of those people that haven’t gotten past the “rebel against your parents” stage of life, which isn’t shocking.  Most feminists have a mental age that is years younger than their non-radicalized peers.  For Rebecca, these little acts or rebellion are actually just a child listening to his or her body:

Don’t force them to eat everything on their plate, and remember that them needing to go to the bathroom as you leave the house, or saying they’re not cold and don’t need a jacket, are all examples of kids listening to their bodies.

In reality, it’s a child that isn’t capable of watching the weather, planning on the future, and worrying about their well-being.  Children are brilliant in some ways and unfathomably stupid in others.  The stupid part they share with feminists.

And just how stupid is Rebecca? She’s decided that even the “golden rule” is oppressive in nature and therefore needs to be upgraded:

We operate under the “platinum rule” in our house (credit to Sam Killermann for this concept), which says that we do unto others as they wish to be done unto them.

No better way to turn your child into a slave than to make this small difference–treat other people the way you demand that you treat them.  In other words, validate the insane beliefs of trans-people, provide reparations to Black Lives Matter, and constantly spend your day walking on the egg shells of white guilt.

Well, let’s hope she has the most miserable parental experience in the world as soon as her kids hit their teenage years. If you have a penchant for self-punishment and want to read her entire list, we’ve archived her list so that your views don’t give her even a cent of ad revenue.  If she’s going to try to destroy the West the least we can do is not fund her endeavors.


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