Teacher Filmed Secretly Snorting Heroin In The Middle Of The School Day.

It’s normally the students that have to sneak their bad behavior in while the teacher isn’t looking, but hopefully none of her pupils behaved as poorly as this teacher from Lake Central, Indiana!

Samantha Cox, 24, was caught snorting powder during the middle of the school day and her students were quick to film it and send it to the principals office.  School administrators then informed law enforcement officers who requested a K9 unit from a nearby town:

The student witnesses contacted school administrators, who called St. John police, who, in turn, requested assistance from Dyer police for their drug-sniffing dog.

Arrested was 24-year-old Samantha Cox, who was led from the school at about 1 p.m. Wednesday. She faces felony drug possession and misdemeanor paraphernalia charges and is being held in the Lake County Jail.  Student John Rogers says he recorded cell video of Cox, his English teacher, snorting what police say may have been a mixture of cocaine and heroin.

The heroin epidemic is ruining the lives of Americans in every part of our society.  There isn’t a single group that is impervious to the sinister addiction–from elites in Hollywood to the lowest slums, heroin and fentanyl are poisoning the youths, destroying American families, and crippling the very foundation of our society.

While Cox might be angry with her students for ‘ratting’ on her, they very well could have saved her life.  She likely will never teach again or hold down a job worthy of the education she received–and it’s true that society will have to address what to do with the small percentage of addicts that ever recover.  But when she’s behind bars, it will become a lot harder for her to use and hopefully, if she can’t teach children in a traditional classroom, her experience will enable to help other people avoid the same mistakes later down the line.



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