Liberal Protesters Leave Signs Outside Ajit Pai’s House…With The Names Of His Children Underlined

“It’s not too late for you…”

Liberals have targeted a leading member of the Trump administration outside of his home by listing the names of his children on a message meant to pressure him into changing his policy decisions at the FCC.

Whenever you think that liberals have reached their limit in terms of depravity, they miraculously discover a new depth.  If only these folks were putting their energy into something productive–but that would be contributing to a “capitalist hierarchy” or something.

Instead, they decide to torment members of the right like in the case of Alex Jones, on Thanksgiving.  Admittedly, Jones has said his share of controversial statements in the past and liberals have relentlessly sought revenge for those comments.

But one person who has not made statements that require reprimand, who has gone about his business in a professional manner even when the left disagreed with him, and who did not deserve to be targeted at his home is Ajit Pai.

Nonetheless, liberals staked out his home and under the cover of darkness posted signs on a street post in front of his house just to indicate that they knew where he lived and that they knew the names of his children.  They were not dumb enough to directly threaten the man and his children, but any parent should understand that having the names of your children listed and underlined on a sign outside your home is leagues beyond any reasonable level of discourse.

Brendan Bordelon, a reporter at the National Journal, was first to report on the matter:

The signs read as follows:

Is this really the world you want Annabelle and Alexander to inherit? How will they ever look you in the eye again? They will come to know the truth. Dad murdered democracy in cold blood.  And for what?! It’s not too late for you, Chairman Pai. You don’t have to be evil.

The intimidation tactics were paired with harassing fake orders of pizza deliveries which reportedly arrived at the chairman’s house every half hour of the night.  Not only does this sort of behavior seek to rattle a public official but it also damages the business that is used to execute the nasty plan.  These liberals think of no one but themselves and their Netflix subscriptions.

Why Did These Creeps Do This? Because They Are Slaves To Streaming Hollywood Babble…

The Net Neutrality debate can best be summarized as follows: under Net Neutrality, a company like Netflix and a company like this blog are treated the same by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) around the country regardless of the bandwidth we use in the process.  Netflix and Youtube collectively use roughly 50% of the total bandwidth in the entire country.  This website uses an insignificant amount.

The ISPs deliver internet to homes across the country through cables which are only able to carry a limited amount of information (in the form of packets) at any given time.  The cumulative total of these packets at the most busy time of the day is referred to as the peak national bandwidth. Like rush hour traffic, the more congested this stream of data becomes, the slower everyone’s internet becomes.

So, when Netflix and Youtube take up the majority of that bandwidth limit, ISPs are forced to invest in more infrastructure in order to meet the growing demand.  To continue with the traffic analogy, this would be like building more bridges to cross a river so that the flow of traffic continues at a decent pace.  To put it simply, the more people that stream high definition video on sites like Netflix and Youtube, the more ISPs have to expand their investment on fiber-optic cables.

It costs nothing to Netflix or Youtube when this happens under Net Neutrality.  Who ends up paying? The consumer that purchases internet from the ISP.  The end of Net Neutrality might result in Youtube and Netflix footing some of that bill.  But even that isn’t a sure bet yet.

Don’t you think companies like Youtube and Netflix should be paying more considering they are causing the problems?

Regardless, one thing is certain.  Proponents of Net Neutrality claim that Net Neutrality keeps the internet free and open.  But that’s hardly the case–Youtube removes conservative videos every day and Twitter deletes conservative accounts without batting an eye.  The net is anything but free and open for Right Wing thinkers.


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