Soyboys Are Ruining Manhood And Ruining America. Learn To Identify Them By Reading This Guide…

Have you been called a soyboy? Are you wondering if you should call your neighbor one? Are you just confused as to what the term means and want to make sure you have a firm grasp on the matter?  You’ve come to the right place.

Pajama Boy Sips His Soy Cocoa
Pajama Boy Was The Original Soy Boy

For those uninitiated to the term, it might seem confusing.  That’s understandable but with just a few pictures we think we can clear up that matter for you.  A soyboy is a special type of humanoid creature, ostensibly the same species as anyone that reads this albeit with a few minor descriptive features that are hard to describe but easy to identify.

A soyboy is typically a hyper-feminized man that is usually straight but not always. They often engage in childlike behavior.  Almost universally, they have swallowed feminism whole and loved it because it told them it was okay to be weak, okay to be childlike, and okay to never grow up.  It also told them masculinity was the root of all evil and since being a man is hard work it offered them an attractive out.

It’s hard to properly define what makes a soyboy a soyboy so its best if we let you work through the issue on your own after providing some exhibits.

They say that looks can be deceiving and that’s assuredly true in some cases.  But whoever comes up with these catchy expressions also warned that it’s the exception that proves the rule.  Exceptions are the minority here.  Without wasting too much time trying to elaborate on exactly what a soyboy is, let’s dive into some pictures–after all, you’ll know it when you see it.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B: The Crossed-Legged Bernie Stockings

Exhibit C: The ‘Take A Selfie Soyboy’ Expressions

Can you spot the soyboy in the image below? Trick question, they all seem to be soyboys.

Exhibit D: The ‘I’m A Feminist And…This Is My Corset’ Soyboy

Often, soyboys adhere to the “gender is a social construct” concept. While we aren’t positive that this actually a boy…we think that they are calling themselves one. 

Exhibit E: The ‘Sassy White Privilege Is Evil’ Soyboy

Soyboys are dedicated to fighting white privilege in all of its forms so long as the ‘fighting’ part never comes to fruition.

Exhibit F: Everyone On This Show

Exhibit G: The ‘Public Display Of Social Groveling For White Sin’ Soyboy

Exhibit H:

Gender is not on a spectrum. But soyboy-hood is.

Exhibit I: The ‘Eating Children Cereal (With Soy Milk)’ Soyboy Pose

Don’t be a soyboy. Don’t let your friends be soyboys. 


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