Go To Youtube And Try This For Yourself

Youtube claims that it solved its problem with creepy videos exploiting children.  They even rolled out a new algorithm–that algorithm temporarily banned accounts like Miley Cyrus and Keemstar, but they said it was a simple bug and they quickly reinstated the impacted accounts.

But has Youtube solved its problem? That doesn’t seem to be the case.  Go to your youtube browser and type in the following and wait for the auto complete to provide suggestions: “how to have”

What do you see? An absolutely disgusting list of suggestions such as “how to have s*x with your kids” which is pretty self explanatory.

Try it and see for yourself:

Youtube came under fire for allowing creepy videos exploit children by using titles that were familiar to them such as children’s films like”Frozen.”

From Tech Crunch:

Following consumer outrage over YouTube’s handling of disturbing videos aimed at children on its network, the company has now banned one of the more controversial kid channels it hosted, Toy Freaks. The channel, the 68th largest on YouTube with over 8.5 million subscribers, was often criticized for its vile and seemingly exploitive videos featuring a dad and his daughters, which many said bordered on abuse.

YouTube tells TechCrunch the ban is part of a new tightening around the enforcement of its child endangerment policies. It says it will now remove videos to protect “viewers, uploaders and children” when the company receives signals that cause concern.

The removal is part of a broader review of similar content on YouTube, the company also said.

Apparently, Youtube has some really nasty folks using their website to target children and encourage degenerate behavior. Meanwhile, the video streaming site is more preoccupied with banning conservative voices than they are will protecting children.  Already dozens of the leading supporters of the Trump movement have been blocked from monetizing their videos.  Now more than ever people need a video platform that enables free speech without preying on children.  Youtube has perfected its censorship game, but what has been the result? Predators go free while conservatives are purged.



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