Dumb Never-Trumper Renounced His Citizenship…Immediately Regretted It.

Reddit User Caweinakiopa has a big problem–she’s an American that married a Canadian with dual citizenship.  That typically wouldn’t be a big deal, but her husband just so happens to have developed a massive case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  His TDS was so bad that he went and renounced his American citizenship! Now he wants to have a do-over because he regrets making that decision. 

We took the liberty of archiving that post for posterity’s sake.

For those curious folks out there, did you know the Federal Register publishes the names of all the Americans that choose to renounce their citizenship?  You can find that list here.

“We’re actually in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, BC.
I’m a dual US-Canadian citizen (but a Canadian citizen first, as I was born in Kitsilano, US citizen through my mother who’s from Arizona originally but been here since she was 21) and my husband is a dual US-Canadian citizen, originally he was a US citizen. (He’s from Oklahoma City originally, but lived here since he was 25, we’re now 36 and 38).
In April, he renounced his US citizenship and kept only his Canadian citizenship. He told me he did it because he didn’t like Donald Trump but now he’s regretting it big time.
He told me he wants to get his citizenship back so he can work in the US (we’ve got a second home in Arizona, where my mom comes from) and said he read on straightdope forums that sometimes the US will quietly give back citizenship to people who renounced it, but that isn’t true…. surely???
Legally, I can live and work in the US but he can’t now, but he can visit it for a set period (can’t remember when).
Now he wants to try and get back his US citizenship quietly, and be able to work in the US (I had actually considered moving to the US at one point in my life, but never did in the end). IDK what to do… should he just try and get back his citizenship or will he have to go through Green Card etc. even though he was born in the US? I’m worried over the stress this will cause him and also me as well.”

So, he ‘had to go back’ to Canada…Is he allowed to get a do-over? Thank God no!

This guy didn’t understand that renouncing your citizenship isn’t like telling your sibling that you hate them–Uncle Sam holds a grudge (as he should):

“No. Denaturalization is permanent unless it occurred under a very specific aet of circumstances, none of which you outlined. He can not re-obtain US citizenship by “undoing” anything.
It may be possible, if you are a US citizen, for him to get a green card as your spouse, but his renunciation might have eliminated that possibility as well. Ask an immigration attorney in the US.”
So that’s that then! Hope that guy enjoys his Canadian bacon.


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