We Saved The Worst For Last (Lots Of Makeup In Numbers 8-10!)

1. The Unexamined Brutality of the Male Libido [Archive]

This is the article that inspired this post–nothing like blaming an entire gender for the acts of handful of predators! And before any liberal chimes in to say that this is how Muslims are treated by conservatives, let me give you a Donald-Trump-worthy “WRONG!”

The difference here is that Islam is an ideology–it’s a choice to adhere to certain philosophical and ideological principles.  If you’re Muslim, you believe in certain things and worship a pedophile “prophet.”  Rapists also adhere to a certain ideology, but being a man doesn’t mean you’re a rapist.  Being a Muslim means you adhere to Islam. I know nuance is tough for a liberal’s brain to handle (unless it involves identifying the 89 genders correctly with a gun to their head), but I think this spells things out clear enough for even the Nancy Pelosis of the world to understand.

2. Discovering Manhood in Soapy Bubbles [Archive]

This one is more about the title than anything else.

3. This Is a Man Problem [Archive]

The more I read these I realize that every problem in the world is a man’s–a white man’s to be more specific–problem.  No wonder there are so many soyboys.

4. Before Manliness Lost Its Virtue [Archive]

A David Brock piece…It goes without saying that a man that votes Democrat while pretending to be a conservative is probably the worst model of masculine virtue.

5. Donald Trump’s Toxic Masculinity [Archive]

The worst term ever invented: Toxic Masculinity. Every feminist can describe what it is but none can identify ‘good’ qualities of masculinity. It seems that Toxic Masculinity is all encompassing.

6. ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Has Slowed Australia’s March to Same-Sex Marriage [Archive]


7. Toppling the Grammar Patriarchy [Archive]

Linguistics and continuity is bad for feminism. If you can’t reshape a language that developed over a few measly thousand years, how can you redefine gender?

This headline was about how the Romance Languages need to get rid of gendered nouns and gendered groups. For those unfamiliar, if you are referring to a group of boys and girls in Spanish or French, you use the plural masculine form.

8. His Eye Makeup Is Way Better Than Yours [Archive]

For some reason, the New York Times desperately wants to normalize men wearing makeup.

9. Sparkly Eye Shadow? These (Male) Beauty Bloggers Are Experts [Archive]

They REALLY, REALLY want your son to start wearing makeup.

10. Those Lips! Those Eyes! That Stubble! The Transformative Power of Men in Makeup [Archive]

Why is your child not dressed in drag and wearing makeup? Boys wearing makeup is as American as baseball and apple pie according to the New York Times.


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