He Is Most Unwise Man In America

Tim Jacob Wise Declares “White Alabama” Must Be “Destroyed” If Roy Moore Wins

A leading critic in the anti-Trump movement has put out some incredibly deranged statements. Liberal activist Tim Jacob Wise says that, if Roy Moore wins, it’s time to “destroy White Alabama.”

Take a look:

“If white people elect Roy Moore in Alabama, no decent human being should ever spend another dime in that state, unless it is with a black owned business, or the Birmingham Civil Rights Museum. If Moore wins, it’s time to destroy white Alabama like we should have 150 years ago”

Wise spent the next few hours on Twitter calling everyone that disagreed with him a racist or a Nazi (of course). He tried to claim that there was nothing hateful or violent about the statements that he made by focusing everyone’s attention to the economic aspect of his tweet.  And maybe, just maybe, that’s truly what he meant in that fuzzy liberal brain of his.  But naturally, once you start talking about destroying (wholesale) the lives of millions of Americans without ever wondering the motivations behind their actions…you kind of start to look like a major you-know-what.

He later “reflected” on that matter a bit more:

“After careful reflection I’ll concede, not all Trump supporters are racists. But at this point they are all, by definition, idiots. And whether an idiot or a racist, I have no moral obligation to indulge your bullshit or reach out to you. My obligation is to defeat you. Period.”

Oh, well, that’s not so bad then–we’re not necessarily racists, we’re just certainly dumb as rocks. Thanks, Tim! I hope you’re all feeling much better–it’s clear that he’s quite a reasonable guy once he’s had time to cool off a bit. Phew!

Wise has been known for cracking absurdly anti-white statements in the past so this isn’t new territory for him.  For some reason that is still unclear, every single anti-racist activist is actually incredibly racist and hate-filled.  The only difference between them an a Klansman is that they direct it towards white people instead.

Wise’s comments were noticed by some Twitter users at least:

Most people on the internet have gotten used to the subtle anti-white behavior of elites in the intelligentsia, minorities, and liberal activists.  It’s pretty much a daily occurrence at from Vice and Buzzfeed at this point and that statement shouldn’t really need any examples to prove at this point, but here’s one anyway:

It goes without saying that Vice didn’t ask black people why they straighten their hair or wear rubber-soled sneakers, use cell phones, or any other invention created by Western whites. Naturally, this wouldn’t be an acceptable journalistic practice.  One Twitter user remarked quite humorously that it must have been incredibly depressing for the journalist responsible to spend years of their life studying to be a reporter only to run around looking for white people to ask about their dreadlocks.  The sad part is that user is probably wrong–the reporter responsible likely views their work as a necessary element of fighting the privilege paradigm.  I imagine them priding themselves on their work and that for every white person they ask they believe they are simply doing their duty of ‘checking’ their white privilege.

Well, that’s the world we live in and if we’re lucky, perhaps God will hurl a meteor at us tomorrow. Likely not, but until that day comes, it’s all but certain these fools will continue running amok. 


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