WEAKLING UK Politician Claims Trump Broke The Law By Tweeting Those Videos…

If you haven’t already heard, President Trump tweeted a number of videos showing the typical behavior of Muslims overseas in the Middle East. Journalists and politicians alike have condemned him for it. Now, one UK politician is claiming that Trump–and possibly Twitter–are criminally liable for the video posting.  This British politician is an absolute soyboy.

While grenades are being smuggled into Europe by refugees that literally sell for less than an ice cream cone on the black market, this is what they worry about: problematic speech.

Clown World Journalists Cry Foul When Trump Reveals The True Face Of Islam

A young boy is led up to the top of a building where he is tossed over the edge of the roof.  His crumpled body is then beaten lifeless while a mob cheers for his death.  The men are unquestionably Muslim–their bearded faces and the Islamic flag they tote along with them reveal their affiliation and motivation.  But the boy?  He is faceless and nameless. He is just one more anonymous victim of a religion that should have never left the dark ages.

This was all recorded by a bystander that was present for the event and the video was shared by a British activist.  There was no narration, no commentary, and no remarks added.  The recording was allowed to speak for itself entirely unaltered.

The President of the United States chose to share that video to his followers on Twitter and the liberal media, with all their obscured goals and ulterior agendas put into action their manipulative machinations.  They called this video “Islamophobic” and claimed that it was anti-Muslim.

But a video that records an event cannot be either of those things unless it has added commentary. This particular video was presented without any addition.

That Was Not An Anti-Muslim Video…This Is An Anti-Muslim Article!

Journalists should be sick and tired of Muslims feigning fear while causing mayhem. When a Muslim father decides it’s acceptable for him to tell the father of a dead marine to shut his mouth…things have gone horribly wrong.

A boy was killed in the video yet the cultural Marxists, obsessed with defending the religion of pedophiles, chose to defend the perpetrators and not the victim of the attack. They launched a criticism campaign against President Trump where headlines read as follows:

  • Trump Retweets Inflammatory Islamophobic Videos
  • ‘Fascist, Evil, Racist’: U.K. Parliament Unloads on Trump’s Twitter Outburst
  • Calculated Anti-Muslim Tweets

There are hundreds of these articles floating around online right now and not one of them has considered the cost of their insufferable arrogance: a boy was killed and the only pity they can muster is for his killers.  We are in a clown world.

Here’s what the United Kingdom’s worthless parliament had to say:

“This is the president of the United States sharing, with millions, inflammatory and divisive content, deliberately posted to sow hatred and division by… a convicted criminal who is facing further charges, who represents a vile fascist organization seeking to spread hatred and violence in person and online. By sharing it, he is either a racist, incompetent, or unthinking—or all three.”

Jayda Fransen Did Nothing Wrong

The MP is referring to the woman that Trump retweeted.  Her name is Jayda Fransen who was arrested for giving an “insulting” anti-Muslim speech. God bless her.  Unfortunately, the British do not enjoy the benefits of free speech – just another hint that they are oppressed by an inferior culture and an inferior justice system.  It’s clear that 241 years later, we are still enjoying broader freedoms than our limey cousins across the pond.

We fought a war that decided that our preference was to live free or die–my ancestors were on the wrong side of that battle and fought among the Red Coats. Thank god they chose to stay behind and settle this land.  I would be locked up if I were to publish this article in the United Kingdom.

It is literally illegal to tell the truth in the United Kingdom!

The truth is simple: Islam is a religion that was founded by a pedophile warlord.  The descendants of his tribal regime still practice slavery, they still take child brides, and they still rape and pillage.  Islam is a religion that belongs in the dust bin of history yet it’s still a demon haunting our people–except instead of knocking on the doorstep of Constantinople, Islam has been invited into the European nations as a welcomed guest.

The world has gone mad. This is a clown world and it’s time to do as Katie Hopkins recommends: fight back. 

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