Navy Calls Out Spencer Rapone At 118th Army-Navy Game!

Deplorable Digest first reported on the Communist infiltration into America’s military academies and the political organization known as “Vote Vets.” Today, we bring you an incredible image from today’s Army-Navy football match up.

Navy is up by 3 at the time of this report.

Navy took a shot at Army’s communist sympathizers:

Of course, they were referring to this scumbag, Spencer Rapone:

We first reported about Spencer in September:

Under his shirt, Rapone, who is serving as an officer in the infantry as you read this, wore a Che Guevara t-shirt.  His pattern of behavior should come as a wake up call to the high command responsible for West Point particularly since Rapone attended West Point as the same time as the class of cadets that were reprimanded following their display of “Black Power.”

His actions violate military code. Please consider forwarding this article to your friends and representatives to see to it that he is removed from a position where he is being  taught skills he will inevitably try to use against us.  There’s no need to train terrorists in our armed forces!

And this infiltration potentially goes much deeper than through the halls of West Point:

One of tonight’s victors, Lee J. Carter, is a veteran from the Marines.  Among the ranks of their supporters are many members of our armed forces.  Most of our soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors would view these DSA veterans as the reprehensible threat that they are.  But for some, unfortunately, the anti-capitalist, anti-American message has resonated.  Every single communist revolution around the world has been supported by elements of the host country’s military.  This is not something to be taken lightly. It’s also not something to get too worked up about yet, either.  Simply be aware that there is a growing presence and that our troops are not only threatened by disloyal liberals that won’t support our troops, but that internally there are elements that seek to undo what their predecessors in the military sacrificed for.

Will Fischer, a former marine and veteran of the Iraq war identifies as a member of the Democratic Socialists.  He is the director of Government Relations for an organization called “Vote Vets” that boasts 100,000 attentive followers on Twitter.  These are not Americans that we can afford to take our eyes off of.  They are a legitimate threat and their influence on the rank and file of the armed forces must be measured with a stern and honest eye.  Many of these men and women are likely good people, with good hearts that have been led astray by disparate elements.  Some of them may very well be a burgeoning threat to our future survival as a Republic that enables free-thinking men and women to associate voluntarily.  They simply cannot go ignored for any longer.


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