With Russia Collusion Ruled Out, Soros Turns Renews An Older Attack

Brave New Films, an organization that relies on donations from George Soros, is attempting to demand a Congressional inquiry into President Trump by using the 16 women that have accused him of sexual assault.  The women are set to speak at 10:30 AM.  Unsurprisingly, liberal media outlets have jumped on the opportunity to thrust these women back into the national spotlight and the weekly news cycle.

What is disappointing, however, is the inclusion of Nikki Haley’s voice into the mix.  Speaking on CBS, the US Ambassador to the United Nations said that the women deserved to be heard.  Maybe she forgot that these women had already been heard and discredited.  Maybe she just wants to give them another chance to piss into the wind.  Deplorable Digest is not hopeful that this latter possibility was her intention. We’re reminded of her staunch refusal to support the president during the election and will continue to treat her with the suspicion that a snake like her deserves.

Known Ties To Soros:

Capital Research has a good write up on the connections between Brave New Films and the Hungarian billionaire:

Liberal foundations supporting the work of the Consortium frequently channel their contributions through the Foundation for National Progress (2009 income: $9.2 million). In 2010 George Soros’s Open Society Institute announced a two-year, $200,000 commitment to the Consortium through the Foundation for National Progress. The Surdna Foundation earmarked $100,000 to the Consortium, as did the Wyncote Foundation, which contributed $70,000. Both grants were made through the Foundation for National Progress.

The link to Soros shows how Brave New Films and its online videos participate in his foundation-funded campaigns to influence U.S. politics. For at least a decade and a half George Soros has been interested in creating documentaries “to advance his goal of tilting America to the left,” as a Capital Research Center report observed. (See “George Soros, Movie Mogul” by Rondi Adamson, Foundation Watch, March 2008.) A $2 million Soros Documentary Fund was launched in 1996, and in 2001 it merged with Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute to create “The Sundance Fund to Support International Documentary Projects.” Gara LaMarche, former director of U.S. programs for the Open Society Institute, notes: “Nonfiction film can spur awareness and action, sometimes touching audiences beyond the reach of other methods.” Movies “teach us about the world, what is happening to our fellow travelers on the globe—what is happening to us—and what we might do about it.”

Why add Hollywood producers to an already-massive Soros network of radical filmmakers, activists and liberal foundation officials? Because, as columnist James Hirsen has observed, entertainment industry producers have skills that others don’t.

Since bird-brained liberals these days are more interested in celebrities and the latest Star Wars craze, it makes sense that the Democrat propaganda machine would turn from pamphlets of Marx’s writing to more easily digestible Hollywood films produced by radicals.

Brave New Films is a disgustingly disruptive organization that quite literally wants the executive branch to cease functioning under a Republican.  Regardless of what liberals choose to believe about President Trump, Brave New Films hopes to halt every Trump nominee from taking office.  This impedes the execution of crucial elements of the Executive Branch that are in charge of upholding our national security.  It benefits no one and harms everyone.

An Expected Opportunist And A Disappointing Supporter: 

Niki Haley, the US Ambassador to the United Nations stated that the women should be heard if they wish to speak out about the president: 

Nikki Haley on Sunday said all women accusing men of sexual misconduct “should be heard”—even if the accusations are leveled against the president. “Women who accuse anyone should be heard,” Haley said on CBS’ Face the Nation. “I know that he was elected, but you know, women should always feel comfortable coming forward. And we should all be willing to listen to them.”

This is an unfortunate development since these women had 30 years to speak, chose to speak in the midnight hour of the election cycle, and were rightfully dismissed by voters when their stories were properly scrutinized. Now, every news outlet from liberal lane is running stories with her quotes prominently featured as a supporter.

Less surprising, Megyn Kelly, the permanent-grudge-holding viper, is set to host three of the accusers on her NBC segment today.  Naturally, the desperate wretch will do anything to save her career and attract some much-needed attention for her failing show on a network that is just waiting for an excuse to terminate her.

These women are opportunists. Reject them and reject the Soros narrative.



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