Harvard President Seeks To Destroy 226 Years Of History

Everyone has heard of Yale’s secret society of the Skull and Bones but there’s a good chance that you aren’t as familiar with similar clubs at Harvard.  Since 1791, Harvard’s Porcellian Club has filled its all male rosters with some of the most notable members of the college.  These were men that would go on to live their lives in the most exemplary fashion by taking part in some of the greatest endeavors of their time.  Marked among their ranks were United States Senators, Medal of Honor recipients, generals in the Civil War, and at least one president.

Now, Harvard’s President, Drew Gilpin Faust, wants to upend a system grounded in tradition all for the sake of her juvenile social justice warrior world-view. Faust alongside her allies on the governing board, decided that these groups, known as “Final Clubs,” must change or be squeezed from existence.

Pursuant to her agenda, she has instituted a rule: no member of a single-gender club shall be allowed to serve in a leadership position on behalf of Harvard.  That means no campus groups, no athletic captain-ships, no membership in the student government.

Faust and Lee called final clubs “a product of another era, a time when Harvard’s student body was all male, culturally homogenous, and overwhelmingly white and affluent.”  Notably absent from their laundry list of sins is one detail: Final Clubs are a relic of when attending Harvard meant something and attendees went on to become successful.

Faust is a weak woman, a shell of what a human ought to be.  Her coddling approach to education serves no purpose other than to produce subsequent generations of weak men and women unfit to serve in the roles that Ivy league students traditionally take part in.  Professors at Harvard, men and women just as weak as Faust, have called on other cities to remove statues of Theodore Roosevelt–an alumnus of Harvard!  Tradition, mores, and morals are under attack!  Faust’s legacy will be one of regression and the students should push back before it is too late.

A Parasite At The Helm – She Never Even Attended Harvard!

Faust, a 70-year-old woman that never attended Harvard and her cohort William F. Lee, a senior fellow on the governing board, have decided they know better than all those that came before them.  Lee, it is worth noting, graduated from Harvard in 1972.

Harvard hosts a number of all-female and all-male “final clubs” as well as a number of sororities.  These clubs are unrecognized by the college, they receive no funding from the school, and they are sustained through their own ingenuity and management as well as through support from elder members that have already graduated.

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Social Justice Warriors like Faust are a blight in academia and the disease is running rampant across all campuses in liberal nations worldwide. With doublespeak statements, the leadership at these schools try to twist and turn their misguided policies into the realm of logic.  For example, Faust and Lee are attempting to claim that marginalizing and barring these students from Harvard isn’t a punishment:

The reaffirmed policy, Faust and Lee said, “does not discipline or punish the students; it instead recognizes that students who serve as leaders of our community should exemplify the characteristics of nondiscrimination and inclusivity that are so important to our campus. Ultimately, students have the freedom to decide which is more important to them: membership in a gender-discriminatory organization or access to those privileges and resources. The process of making those types of judgments, the struggle of defining oneself, one’s identity, and one’s responsibilities to a broader community is a valuable part of the personal growth and self-exploration we seek for our undergraduates. The USGSOs, in turn, have the choice to become gender-neutral and thus permit their members full access to all institutional privileges.”

Pathetic and weak-minded bugmen and women have forced other pathetic and weak-minded men to resign their membership from Ivy league societies in the name of social justice and civil rights.  Not the least of these men, though perhaps the most easily forgivable, is Republican-appointed Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. Alito, who was a member of the Owl Club, meekly resigned from the club during his Senate hearing to confirm his nomination.  Democrats have not escaped scrutiny for their membership in these clubs either.  Deval Patrick, while running in his Massachusetts gubernatorial campaign, was criticized for his membership in the Fly Club.  He claimed to have left the club in the 1980s.

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What Is The Solution? It’s Three-Fold:

Students and elder members of these organizations must act and act quickly.  First, as they have already been doing, they must sue and sue like crazy. Second, every elder of the organization must immediately cease donations to Harvard and double their support of these Final Clubs. Third, and the most important facet of this plan is as follows: these clubs must go to ground. They must become the most secretive, carefully executed organizations on campus.  Save for a select core membership that operates with transparency all other members must be secret and insulated. That will mean that less students live at the houses owned by Final Clubs.  It might mean that some pretend to live at other apartments. It could involve using the backdoor to enter the residences.

It doesn’t matter how you do it. What matters is you terrify the administration by standing your ground and refusing them any information about membership.  Above all else, mums the word. When an administrator asks about your affiliation with one of these groups: deny, deny, deny.  Even in the clearest of circumstances where your affiliation is all but certain, deny. Admit nothing! Make them preclude you from these school organizations without concrete proof.  Make them rely on sheer rumor, and then, when they discriminate against you, drive every lawsuit you can muster right up their a–.

Frankly, This is your school, Harvard. This isn’t my school–I just hate the willful destruction of tradition in the name of progress.  For the legacies among you, make your ancestors proud. For the new blood in your ranks, give your descendants something to take pride in.  Fight back now, or this will not be the end. Do not be a fool–concessions made today will be marked as the beginning of a long march that will leave Harvard as nothing more than unrecognizable husk.

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