Bomb Near Port Authority During Rush Hour

An explosion at 7:25 AM was reported near the Port Authority Bus Terminal that sent commuters running.  Allegedly a pipe bomb was detonated at the bus terminal that services 250,000 commuters each morning.  This potential incident took place just two blocks from Times Square.

Update 8:27 AM: William Bratton, former NYPD commissioner indicates that this was an “ISIS inspired attack.”  Bomb exploded on the platform. Suspect was allegedly attempting to board a commuter vehicle or subway cart.

Update: 8:14 AM:

Allegedly the suspect in custody failed to properly detonate the explosive and the result was a premature blast.  Reports indicate the suspect was injured in the explosion.  Some are saying that the suspect had a suicide vest on but that has not yet been confirmed.

Update 8:12 AM: 

Some injuries have been reported due to an explosion in an underground passageway.  There has been an arrest of a suspect in connection with the explosion.  NYPD indicates that they believe they have the situation contained.

Cell Service: Coverage is spotty. If you are attempting to contact your loved ones DO NOT panic. There are thousands of calls being placed in that one block radius and cell towers are under stress trying to manage the workload. Keep trying and remain calm.

The National Guard, New York City Fire Department, and New York Police Department are on seen. Officers on seen appear somewhat relaxed at the moment and can be seen discussing the situation calmly.

Some reports by witnesses indicated shots were fired but that has not been corroborated by any sources. This article will be updated as more facts come to light.


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