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BREAKING: Trump Attempted To Convert Senator Graham And It Worked! Graham: “Corker Is Wrong.”

Trump Converted Graham On The Fairway…Graham Puts Sen. Corker On Notice Liberals are losing their minds today because they just don’t know how to handle Trump’s latest golfing partners.  As you are probably aware, these leftist clowns have done everything from set up a database of Trump’s 30 golf outings …

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TILLERSON: Diplomacy In North Korea To Continue Until Our ‘First Bomb Drops’

BREAKING: Tillerson –  ‘Diplomatic Relations To Continue Until The First Bomb Drops’ Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sure can turn phrase–is there anyone else that can threaten someone using terms of peace? In a brilliant display of rhetoric Tillerson presented both the carrot and the stick to our North Korean …

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WaPo: “We Asked North Korea If Trump Is Lying. They Confirmed He Is.”

Journalism 101: Don’t Ask Oppressive Regimes If They Are Doing OK And Expect An Honest Answer This is really a new low for journalism–if that’s what we’re even calling these people still. The Amazon-controlled Washington Post has just published a report about how the North Koreans are puzzled about Trump’s …

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