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BREAKING: Iran Just Threatened The United States Granting Trump The Perfect Nuclear Deal Exit

BREAKING: Iran Threatens To Challenge United States With Potential Show Of Force Obviously, the most responsible thing to do when your nation is being scrutinized for ties to terrorism and a deal-breaking nuclear program is to make terrorist-like threats, right?  Of course not! But that didn’t stop the Iranians from …

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“Hi Steve!” Is This The Vegas Shooter At A Reno, Nevada TRUMP PROTEST?

A video making the rounds on sites like Reddit and 4chan is beginning to question some of the key details surrounding the shooting in Las Vegas last night.  Despite the law enforcement agencies on the scene reaffirming that they have not found a political motive for the largest mass shooting …

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BREAKING: Trump’s Afghan Announcement Had A Hidden Message For All Muslims Watching…Did You Catch It?

The President’s remarks this evening had a clever message hidden within and it was directed at the Muslims living abroad.   Before giving away too much, here’s the the line that all knowledgeable Muslims will recognize:   “A wound inflicted upon a single member of our community, is a wound …

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